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Archive: Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident in Virginia.

Most motorcycle owners know that there are inherent risks that come with riding, largely due to the lack of protective structure or safety systems that occupants of passenger vehicles have. However, there are often additional concerns riders may not have…

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Roads to ride your motorcycle in Virginia.

For many motorcyclists, being on their bike with the open road ahead of them is what it’s all about. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Appalachians, Virginia offers scenic and diverse rides for solo bikers or groups of motorcyclists. Here…

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Motorcycle rider not wearing helmet injured in an accident.

Motorcycle riders in Virginia who know the state’s helmet laws are often confused about making an insurance claim after getting into an accident while not wearing a helmet. Virginia law requires that motorcycle operators and passengers wear protective helmets. Even…

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When it comes to motorcycle safety in our country, there is some good news and bad news. Thankfully, we also have some promising news to report about exciting advances in motorcycle safety technology. New gear, equipment, electronics and helmet features…

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Are Helmets Required in Virginia?

by Gregory S. Hooe

posted on February 19, 2019

Man wearing leather jacket standing near his newly bought motorbike holding a black helmet.

To ride a motorcycle in Virginia, a person first needs to obtain the proper driver’s license designation. If the person owns a motorcycle, they must get a Virginia title, registration card and a license plate. Additionally, before riding, a person…

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Son holding helmet while his father is waiting in the motorcycle..

For avid motorcycle enthusiasts, riding may be the primary or even sole form of transportation on a daily basis. So, the question often comes up about how old passengers must be. Fortunately, in Virginia motorcyclists, there is no minimum age…

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Virginia Motorcycle Law

by Gregory S. Hooe

posted on January 8, 2019

Motorcycle rider with full safety gear on.

If you ride, you know that there are a lot of misconceptions about motorcyclists and the law. Myths and stereotypes abound. So, it is important to stay informed about the law and know your rights as a motorcyclist in Virginia….

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Motorcycle Safety Checklist

posted on June 16, 2015

There are four basic factors to consider to ensure your ride is less likely to end in a motorcycle accident: your bike, your protective gear, your visibility and how you ride. Make sure you are a safe rider. Follow these…

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