Unusual Cases

For over 100 years the attorneys of Marks & Harrison have represented individuals injured in all types of situations.  While many attorneys will not undertake the unique and challenging matter, at Marks & Harrison we have been successful in just that type of case.  If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own in any manner, we are here to help.

$10,000,000 – Runaway Railcar
$6,500,000 – Police Excessive Force

Man suffers serious burns due to police excessive force.

$2,500,000 – Tractor-Trailer Wheel Adjustment Accident

Tractor-trailer driver injured while helping another driver “slide the rear tandem” on his trailer.

$1,183,108 – Boating Accident

Bolt broke allowing outboard motor to enter boat; amputation of left arm.

$1,100,000 – Boiler Explosion

Painter injured in boiler explosion.

$975,000 – Elevator Malfunction

Client fell down elevator shaft.

$810,000 – Nursing Home Abuse
$750,000 – Nursing Home Rape

Nursing home resident recovering from stroke was raped by an employee of nursing home.

$575,000 – Missing Safety Railing Causes Fall

Home inspector suffered fractures when he fell from unprotected second floor landing.

$525,000 – Food Poisoning

Consumer became ill as a result of tainted food.