Unusual Cases

For over 100 years the attorneys of Marks & Harrison have represented individuals injured in all types of situations.  While many attorneys will not undertake the unique and challenging matter, at Marks & Harrison we have been successful in just that type of case.  If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own in any manner, we are here to help.

$180,000 – Movie Theater Fall on Highly Polished Floor

Moviegoer slipped on concrete floor too highly polished.

$150,000 – Infant Injured due to Flying Truck Tire

Passenger in car injured when tire came off dump truck.

$145,000 – Defective Bicycle

Child injured on defective bike.

$135,000 – Railroad Passenger Injury

A passenger slipped and broke her leg boarding an Amtrak train.

$125,000 – Dog Bite

12 year old bitten in face by neighbor’s dog.

$100,000 – Plane Crash

Fatality from a small engine plane crash.

$100,000 – Balcony Collapse

Client sustained broken leg when pinned under a collapsed balcony.

$100,000 – Elevator Malfunction

Client injured when elevator malfunctions.

$75,000 – Man Shot in Arm by County Sherriff’s Deputy