Unusual Cases

For over 100 years the attorneys of Marks & Harrison have represented individuals injured in all types of situations.  While many attorneys will not undertake the unique and challenging matter, at Marks & Harrison we have been successful in just that type of case.  If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own in any manner, we are here to help.

$350,000 – Golf Cart Accident

Passenger ejected from golf cart.

$325,000 – Martial Arts Class Injury

Student at Tae Kwon Do class suffered brain injury from being kicked in the head by instructor.

$300,000 – Gunshot Accident

Gunshot wound with spinal cord injury when a friend found a gun under a bed in a motel room and shot client while examining the gun.

$275,000 – Ambulance Passenger Injury

Woman in an ambulance broke her arm when the driver swerved and caused an attendant to fall onto her.

$271,407 – Apartment House, Fall on Steps

Tenant injured in a fall at his apartment walking down steps when the bull nose stripping on the stairs pulled away.

$267,000 – Employment Discrimination

Mentally retarded man harassed by supervisor.

$200,000 – Hunting Injury

Hunter slipped while crossing a creek and accidentally shot fellow hunter.

$200,000 – Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice case against former lawyer for missing deadline.

$195,000 – Defective Shopping Bag

Store personnel put jar in defective bag which broke causing customer to fall, breaking her ankle.

$187,500 – Church Camp “Zip Line” Rope Failure

While demonstrating a rope climbing maneuver at a church camp, chaperone fell from a “zip line”.