Introducing Order in the Court

Welcome to Marks & Harrison’s Blog. As you know, we’ve been around for over 100 years helping people re-build their lives after being seriously injured on the road or on the job. And, now that we have entered our second century of helping people, we thought it would be smart and wise to expand our methods of communicating with our clients, friends and colleagues.

This blog is an exciting new venture for us. Through our regular postings here, we hope to introduce you to, or expand your familiarity with, Marks & Harrison and its mission in a very personal and meaningful way. We want you to meet our lawyers, our investigators, our paralegals, our legal assistants, our negotiators, our administrators and our facilitators, as well as our marketing staff.

We hope this space will provide a comfortable forum for a spirited, informative dialog between M&H and our current clients and friends. Very simply, it’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions that interest you and for M&H to provide the answers to you long before you might find yourself in a position to need us. Frankly, we hope you never need us but this Blog is a good way for you to find out a lot about what we do and why we do it just in case the need ever arises.

We’ll be addressing a variety of issues in our Blog. You’ll see the basics: “Do I really need a lawyer?”; “Do I have a good case?”; “What sort of fees are involved and how are they paid?”; “What are expenses?”; “At what point should I hire a lawyer?”. But we’ll also keep you updated on topical issues, changes in Virginia law, legal trends and how they affect you, and anything else that might be interesting or in the News.

You’ll hear from all of our lawyers on a variety of new and different legal matters and topics that Marks & Harrison wrestles with every day. And we’ll try to pull back the curtain on the legal process itself so that you’ll know exactly what to expect when you hire M&H to help you.

We know our clients place an incredible amount of trust in Marks & Harrison. And we know we must always strive to earn that trust, every day and with every new case. We hope our Blog will give you an opportunity to get to know us better, and to feel comfortable enough to call on Marks & Harrison when you need an experienced and committed law firm fighting for you. That’s what we do and that’s what we’ve been doing for over 100 years.