Alcohol and Drug Related Accident Lawyers

If you or your loved one has been injured by the negligence of a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Virginia, you may have a claim for exemplary (commonly called punitive) damages. These damages, which are in addition to the damages to compensate for the injuries received in the collision, are awarded to send a message to the community that the conduct engaged in by the defendant will not be tolerated. Proof of entitlement to exemplary damages is highly technical. The sooner the evidence in support of such a claim is preserved, the better the chance of presenting a successful claim.

If you or a family member has been injured by an intoxicated driver under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, contact the Richmond accident attorneys at Marks & Harrison for a free consultation.

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We know what professionals to hire and when to hire them to go up against the high-powered teams of attorneys and witnesses used by the insurance companies. We regularly work with accident reconstructionists and forensic engineers to determine causation and prove fault. We employ physicians, nurses, vocational rehabilitation professionals, and forensic economists to prove damages, future medical costs, past and future lost earnings, impairment and disability, and loss of earning capacity. We hire toxicologists to present the scientific evidence necessary to prove entitlement to exemplary damages. Marks & Harrison accident lawyers have the experience to navigate the confusing and often hazardous waters of insurance coverage and to understand the intricacies of the state and federal insurance laws meant to protect the innocent victims.

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