Virginia Car Accident Checklist

You may be the safest driver. However, you cannot control what other drivers do. When you least expect it, you may be involved in a serious car accident due to another driver’s careless decisions and actions.

At Marks & Harrison, we want you to be prepared for this situation. That is why we produced our free Virginia Car Accident Checklist. This useful guide provides information about what you can do at the scene of the crash and in the days and weeks that follow in order to fully protect your legal rights.

We hope that turning to this guide can help you to get through the often confusing and frightening period that follows a crash.

To download a copy of our Virginia Car Accident Checklist, simply type in your name and e-mail address. We suggest that you keep a copy stored in your center console or glove compartment.

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If you have any questions about your legal rights and options for seeking a recovery after you or a loved one has been involved in a crash in Richmond or elsewhere in Virginia, please contact Marks & Harrison without delay. Our law firm features offices throughout the state. We can provide an immediate, free consultation.