SSD To Do’s

Create a budget and stick to it.

Don’t budget for anything past one month. You are more likely to stick to your budget in the future if you can follow it on a month to month basis.

Determine your fixed vs variable bills.

Things such as rent, car payments, and insurance that must be paid on a monthly basis should be included in your budget. Consider temporarily cutting costs for services that you are not required to have such as Netflix, cable subscriptions, club memberships, and even gym memberships.

Avoid the use of credit cards.

Use cash as often as possible to pay for expenses. Credit cards (even debit cards) can lead to more purchases of "wants." When you buy with plastic, you do not see the money coming out of your hand/wallet/purse. If you have the cash with you and are committed to spending only that amount, you are forced to stop buying things when the cash is gone. This is a great tip for grocery shopping since we tend to buy things that we do not need at the grocery store. (Source)

Get help putting food on the table.

File for food stamps, WIC (if you have minor children), and any other food assistance programs available in your area. (More Info)