What can I expect if my workers’ compensation claim is approved?

If your workers’ compensation claim is approved, you may be asked to sign a form called an “Agreement to Pay Benefits.” This form typically will state that you were injured on the job or disabled by an occupational disease, list your period of disability and contain other information about your claim.

You should make sure that all of the information is correct – especially the stated average weekly wage and the body parts that were injured or affected.

The Agreement to Pay Benefits will be sent to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) for an award to be entered on the information on the Agreement. The award requires your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier to pay your benefits.

Note: You must be disabled for at least seven days before your benefits can be paid. However, if you are disabled for a period beyond three weeks, then you can receive payment for those first seven days.

You should receive your benefits check each week. If your employer fails to send you a check as ordered by the WCC, the employer may be hit with a late penalty.

The benefits you receive are not taxable.

If your claim for medical benefits is approved, then all medical bills should be sent directly to your employers’ workers’ compensation insurer for payment. You will not need to pay any deductible.